Predator Dark Ages Movie

Predator: Dark Ages is a very well done fan film featuring a Predator versus a band of soldiers from the Crusades. I’d love to see a series of films in the Predator franchise set in historical periods. How about a Predator loose in the trench of the First World War, or a Predator versus local militia in colonial America?

Facehugger Paper Models

Here’s are some 28mm scale paper models of the facehuggers from Aliens.

Far Trek RPG

Far Trek is an RPG set in the Star Trek Universe. It’s one I’d love to play.

There are also paper figures for away teams and aliens.

Mass Effect Tabletop RPG

The Mass Effect RPG is an homage to Bioware’s first person science fiction shooter of the same name.

It’s a well done product, and if it interests you, download it before Bioware’s lawyers get ahold of it.

Warband Science Fantasy Role Playing

Warband is a free RPG with a science fantasy, science fiction flavor. In truth, it could very well be the Warhammer 40K RPG. The author writes:

This game is my homage to the ‘grim, dark future’. A game of spikey power armor wearing, bolt-gun shooting, chain-sword waving chaos worshippers. Characters struggle to survive in the warp of space, as low-level members of a Chaos Lord’s warband, they strive to make a name for themselves and eventually captain a ship of their own.