Cargo Pod Paper Model

For your science fiction games, here’s a free paper model of a cargo pod.

Space Janitors Web TV Series

Space Janitors:

Space Janitors is a comedy/sci-fi web series created by Davin Lengyel and Geoff Lapaire. It chronicles the lives of two janitors, Mike Chet (Pat Thornton) and Darby Richards (Brendan Halloran) who serve aboard an evil iconic space station. After all, someone has to buff out the blaster burn marks from the halls and mop up the hero guts from the not-so-bottomless shaft.

The misadventures of Mike and Darby and their friends – a dogmatic computer psychologist, a curious Android, and one of the 10,000 clones aboard the station who are all named Dennis – shed a humorous light on popular and otherwise serious science fiction staples. In first season of Space Janitors we see the lives of the blue-collar staff at work on board the ship, punctuated by the occasional run in with the Dark Lord or a squad of invading rebels giving us the low rank glimpse of an epic galactic conflict.

Hulks and Horrors Science Fiction RPG

Hulks and Horrors was an unsuccessful Kickstarter effort, but now is available as a free pdf.

Bladerunner Print-And-Play Boardgame

Blade Runner: Rep-Detect is a free print-and-play boardgame based on the Blade Runner film.

Blade Runner: Rep-Detect is a game of action and suspense based on the 1982 film Blade Runner. In this game, players portray one of the film’s titular detectives and must search futuristic Los Angeles for five genetically-engineered humanoid Replicants, who have illegally escaped to Earth from the off-world colonies and are virtually indistinguishable from the human population. It is the Blade Runner’s job to shoot to kill, upon detection, any trespassing Replicant. However, it is possible that any one of the Blade Runners may become a fugitive Sympathizer and attempt to escape the city with one or more Replicants.

In the game, players move about the city by rolling a die and moving any amount of spaces up to the number rolled, in any direction. Players investigate locations from the film by drawing cards, and test Suspects using the Voight-Kampff empathy test from the film. If a Suspect is revealed to be a Replicant the Blade Runner must engage it in combat, and later on, the players’ characters will likely end up fighting against each other.

There are three ways to win the game:

Retire more Replicants than any other Blade Runner.
Escape from the city as a Sympathizer.
Be the last player whose character is still alive.

Atmospheric Wargaming Photos

Here’s an impressive set of Flickr photos with atmospheric Warhammer 40K images.