Science Fiction Terrain From CD Spindles

We all knew that cds — especially those free ones you get in the mail — make great bases for terrain pieces. But who knew that you also could use the spindles. Here is a photo tutorial on using the spindles to make science fiction terrain pieces — such as fuel tanks, etc.

The site is in Spanish, but the photos speak for themselves.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your Pulp Science fiction games, you should take a look at this site with images of the covers of Astounding Stories (later Analog Science Fiction) magazines going back to 1930.

Science Fiction Logo Fonts

Here’s a neat set of science fiction logos from the past 40 years worth of television and movies in font form. That’s neat, becuase it allows you to scale them up or down as needed. Very useful for science fiction games.

Independence War Paper Models

The Independence War Paper Models site has some very nice — and free — paper models of starships.

Computerized Space Hulk Game

QSpace Hulk is a computerized version of Games Workshop’s classic miniatures-board game Space Hulk. Its designed for two people to play over the ‘net, via a network, or by email.