Modeling Alien Trees

Dropship Horizon has a good idea for turning pine cones into weird looking alien trees.

Hitchhiker’s Quest For The Galaxy Game

Hitchhiker’s Quest For The Galaxy is a home-brew card game based on the book of the same name.

You gotta love a game which specifies that “the most depressed player goes first.”

Mutant Future RPG

Mutant Future is a retro-clone of the old TSR Gamma World Game. There’s a commercially available printed version, but you can also download an artless version if you just want the rules.

Mutants and Machine Guns RPG

Mutants and Machine Guns is a free RPG set in a post apocalyptic future. It is simple enough that it fits into the terrific PocketMod format.

Icar Science Fiction Role Playing Game

Icar is a science fiction RPG with an intriguing setting:

Icar is a space opera set in the 93rd Millenium. Since leaving Earth, the human race has been through a number of social catastrophes, including the cliche of creating a humanoid race of robots which fought back against their creators. The Imperium, a benevolent organisation, steers the human race to keep it alive.

Take the part of a Scavenger crew exploring deep space for the chance of finding expensive salvage, step into the shoes of a Special Forces team up against the odds, fight crime through the eyes of a policeman as part of the most high-tech police force ever know or just create your own characters to explore this detail rich universe.

The author has been working on this since 1990 and the game is now in its umpteenth revision.