Mass Effect Tabletop RPG

The Mass Effect RPG is an homage to Bioware’s first person science fiction shooter of the same name.

It’s a well done product, and if it interests you, download it before Bioware’s lawyers get ahold of it.

Warband Science Fantasy Role Playing

Warband is a free RPG with a science fantasy, science fiction flavor. In truth, it could very well be the Warhammer 40K RPG. The author writes:

This game is my homage to the ‘grim, dark future’. A game of spikey power armor wearing, bolt-gun shooting, chain-sword waving chaos worshippers. Characters struggle to survive in the warp of space, as low-level members of a Chaos Lord’s warband, they strive to make a name for themselves and eventually captain a ship of their own.

Modeling Alien Trees

Dropship Horizon has a good idea for turning pine cones into weird looking alien trees.

Hitchhiker’s Quest For The Galaxy Game

Hitchhiker’s Quest For The Galaxy is a home-brew card game based on the book of the same name.

You gotta love a game which specifies that “the most depressed player goes first.”

Mutant Future RPG

Mutant Future is a retro-clone of the old TSR Gamma World Game. There’s a commercially available printed version, but you can also download an artless version if you just want the rules.