Icar Science Fiction Role Playing Game

Icar is a science fiction RPG with an intriguing setting:

Icar is a space opera set in the 93rd Millenium. Since leaving Earth, the human race has been through a number of social catastrophes, including the cliche of creating a humanoid race of robots which fought back against their creators. The Imperium, a benevolent organisation, steers the human race to keep it alive.

Take the part of a Scavenger crew exploring deep space for the chance of finding expensive salvage, step into the shoes of a Special Forces team up against the odds, fight crime through the eyes of a policeman as part of the most high-tech police force ever know or just create your own characters to explore this detail rich universe.

The author has been working on this since 1990 and the game is now in its umpteenth revision.

Mine Shaft Gap Board Game

Mine Shaft Gap is a free science fiction board game. From the description:

Mine-Shaft Gap simulates a battle for resources on, above, and under the surface of a lifeless but treacherous planetoid. Players must seek out valuable metals and fuel materials and mine them, using the materials to feed their home planets, and inch closer to victory, while at the same time allocating resources to maintain or strengthen their armed forces and fortifications. Drill tanks tunnel beneath the surface of the planet while drilling stations pound away from above. Drilling stations are faster and more efficient, but are vulnerable to attack from above and even capture by enemy troops. But tunnels can cave in… And market forces are unpredictable. The resource making your planet rich today might be better off greasing the treads of your tanks tomorrow!

Oh, No, There Goes Tokyo

Oh, No, There Goes Tokyo is a free print and play game where each player defends his city block from the terrorizing Kaiju.