Castle Triskelion Mega Dungeon

Castle Triskelion is an old school fantasy role playing mega dungeon. It’s an ongoing project, and many of the pieces are available for downloading now, including what I have found is the most rare of modules — those for a small group of low-level characters.

Into The Fray Core Rules

Into The Fray is a set of free wargames rules for fantasy skirmishes. The authors write:

Designed so that each player will field between 15 and 20 figures in a standard battle, a game of Into the Fray will last about 2 hours with experienced players. The game includes rules for the standard fare like movement, combat and morale, and also includes a system for magic and special abilities that will keep things interesting even for veteran players.

Available only in an electronic format, ITF is a print and play game. It keeps the initial cost down and allows you to make as many or as few miniatures as you need to form your army. With a few supplies (cardstock and glue sticks) and a few hobby tools (a hobby knife and a straightedge) you can build all of the cards, miniatures, counters and templates you need. Add in a handful of six siders and a tape measure and you will be ready to get Into the Fray!!

War of Ashes: Shieldbash

War of Ashes: Shieldbash is a fantasy game set in a dying world. While the full game is a commercial product, the company offers the rules sections of the gamebook for free.

Middle Earth Skirmish Rules

Middle Earth are a set of free wargames rules for skirmishes in JRR Tolkien’s fantasy worlds. The set includes specific rules for battles in the three “Ages.”

Shield Breaker Fantasy Rules

Shield Breaker is a set of free wargames rules for fantasy skirmish. The authors write:

Shield Breaker is a game about warbands battling it out in a world of legends. It is intended for use with about 6–20 miniatures in the most common 28mm scale. Buy, borrow or steal any fantasy miniatures, compose a warband and you are ready to play.