Pondemonium Board Game

Pondemonium is a free board game of conflict between frogs and  turtles.

Fantasy Microcosm Card Game

Fantasy Microcosm is a fantasy themed card game for two to four players that uses tit-for-tat card-combo mechanisms. This DIY game requires making a deck of 60 cards.

Axemen and Allies

Axemen and Allies is an fantasy/medieval variant for Axis and Allies.

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Dragon Duels Rules

Glenn McClune has kindly permitted me to host the files for his latest game, DragonDuels. Glenn says that Dragon Duels:

is a game where you take two toy dragons, like Megabloks Dragons or MacFarlanes Dragons , and fly them around and duke it out. The game is easily played and allows you to custom build your own dragon, by making new special abilities you can keep expanding the game. If people mail in their own specials than I will pull them all together and add to the game, so if you like it, feel free to be creative and come up with your own powers.

He's also opened a blog on the games here.

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Children of Fire Fantasy Role Playing Game

In Children of Fire, players act as Angels (the Children of Fire), interacting with other angels, and with humans (Children of Clay). To create a character, players choose an order and select various options. Action resolution is stat + 2d10 vs difficulty

A number of companies produce angel figures that would work well with this one.

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