Spellcraft and Swordplay Role Playing Game

Free for the downloading, Spellcraft and Swordplay is a professionally done “old school” fantasy RPG.

Mephisto Print and Play Game

Mephisto is a free print and play game in which you are an adventurer collecting the souls of monsters in a dungeon to fulfil a deal you made with the devil.


Dark Dungeons Retro Clone Role Playing Game

Dark Dungeons is a clone of the old school D&D game. There’s been a real renaissance in the retro style RPGs, and its one I welcome after all those years of angst ridden vampires and new-style gaming.

Talislanta Setting Now Free

Talislanta is a fantastic fantasy world setting thats well out of the standard realms of elves, orks and dwarves. I always thought it more in keeping with the fantasies of Jack Vance, or another great setting, Tekumel.

At any rate, the various books, once available commercially now are available for download here.

Adventures In The New Kingdoms RPG

Dyson Logos offers the Adventures in the New Kingdoms RPG:

Adventures in the New Kingdoms is the setting I’ve been running Fantasy RPGs in for most of my life. It has seen incarnations as a setting for Moldvay B/X D&D, BECMI, AD&D1e and AD&D3.x with side trips into RoleMaster and an abortive attempt to convert it all to GURPS 2e.

The setting itself owes a lot to my first exposure to fantasy novels – the works of Michael Moorcock (specifically the Elric saga). The elves of the New Kingdoms are a doomed and ancient race, warriors and sorcerers of Law who even created their own slave races towards the end of their empire.

The ancient empire of the Kale has collapsed under its own weight and is being replaced by the age of man. Of the three greatest Kale cities, only one still remains within their grasp, the other two being the centres of great human city-states.