The Corrupt Crypt of Ilmater

The Corrupt Crypt of Ilmater is a free dungeon adventure for parties of level 4 – 6. It’s designed for old school D&D adventures, and comes complete with the classic blue maps.

Disney’s Gargoyles

In the 1990s, Disney produced a wonderful cartoon series called Gargoyles, which featured dark imagery and Shakespearean themes. It was also heavily influenced by medieval Scottish history (which makes sense, since the Gargoyles were from Scotland). If you missed it, despair not. Disney has released legitimate copies of the entire series on YouTube. Here’s the first episode:

Battle Companies

Battle Companies is a fan created book of Lord of the Rings Battle Companies.

Reaper Minis Warlord Quick Play Rules

Reaper Minis offers a set of quick play rules called Warlord, designed for their figure lines.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess RPG

Lamentations of the Flame Princess is an old school RPG of “fantasy adventure and horror.” The link is to the free version without illustrations. The illustrated version apparently has some rather adult and disturbing illustrations.