Ninth Age Alternate Warhammer Fantasy Rules

Given the general fan anger over the direction Games Workshop has taken its Warhammer Fantasy property, it is no surprise that fan written alternatives have cropped up. One is The Ninth Age, a a set of free wargames rules for playing mass fantasy battles. It looks very well done, and has a large number of army books.

Dungeoncrawl, The Game

Dungeoncrawl, The Game is a set of free wargames rules, for not-so-serious dungeon adventures.

The author writes:

What you are now reading is a quick play, tongue in cheek, dungeon adventuring game. This is a game were everybody plays equally – not where one player controls the bad guys and everybody responds/submits to his decisions. Each player controls his own little band of misfi ts AND controls the critters that another player will encounter. Each player is someone else‛s nemesis. All encounter and miscellaneous event rolls are done in the open, and are a surprise for everybody to enjoy. The whole point of this little endeavor is for everybody to have fun, so it helps if you don‛t take things too seriously. These rules are not intended as an overly detailed, exhaustive study in the complexities of subterranean armored combat. Nor will they require you to undertake a prolonged course of study in order to properly equip and prepare your party for eventual world domination. “Elegance in Simplicity” is the rule, even when it comes to brawling in the dark recesses of the dungeons. Hopefully you will find DungeonCrawl to be reasonably quick and unreasonably fun. Enjoy.

The Wheel of Time Miniatures Wargame

The Wheel of Time is an epic fantasy by the late Robert Jordan. Here’s  a set of wargames rules based on the series.

Godslayer Quick Start Rules

Godslayer is a set of fantasy skirmish rules with a complete set of miniatures. You can download the starter rules for free at the link.

Relics Fantasy / Steampunk Miniatures Rules

Tor’s game Relics pretty much defies categorization. It’s a fantasy world, with a black-powder/steampunk vibe. Some of the factions look like homicidal dolls, while other resemble the faerie of yore. You can take a look at the rules for free at the link.