Labyrintus Miniatures Maze Game

Labyrintus is a set of free wargames rules in which players try to get their team of miniatures through a labyrinth maze.

Fields of Battle Fantasy Rules

If you have an account with Scribd, you may be interested in a set of fantasy rules that appeared in Warlock Magazine in 1986: Fields of Battle by Graeme Davis

Ysgarth Fantasy Role Playing System

I remember Ysgarth from my role playing days in the late 1970s. The game first was published in 1979. It was one of a number of fantasy rpgs that I remember we tried before finally settling on the Warhammer Fantasy Role Play.

Ysgarth has got a pretty complex system of skills and attributes, but action is resolved on a simple d100 (that is, you roll 2d10s and read them as separate decimals)

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Stomping Ground Fantasy Rules

The Dunken Company offers a set of fantasy rules called The Stomping Ground. The rules were developed for Dunken's line of 25mm molds for fantasy figures, but can be used with any. The company says that The Stomping Ground is:

the fantasy miniatures battle system that just says no to hard to learn rules, imagination choking character classes, and Asystem supporting only figures. In other words, with Stomping Grounds, you get to play with the figurines that you want to play with, regardless of size, appearance, and intended purpose. This game is very easy to learn yet it allows the players to develop strategies and command armies.

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Ares Magazine Citadel of Blood Boardgame

The Internet Archives hasĀ  collection of old Ares Science Fiction and Fantasy gaming magazines. Issue #5 has a complete game called Citadel of Blood.