Battlemap: Shrine of the Bronze Dagger

Battlemap: Shrine of the Bronze Dagger is a free fantasy battle map usable with both RPGs and tabletop miniatures. The map shows a shrine, and the living quarters of a dark cult. It occured to me that it would also be great for a Cthulhu mythos adventure using the Pulp Alley games, so I’m going to download it.

No Quarter Fantasy Rules

From Chris Gilders comes No Quarter Fantasy Rules. These free wargames rules are a massive work, with 83 pages in the main rules book alone. There also are a large number of army lists, which is the real strength of the set. Like many fantasy games, figures are defined by a model profile, detailing combat stats, actions, strength, toughness and wounds. This is an amazingly comprehensive work for a free rules set, covering every aspect of fantasy warfare you could want.

Hundred Kingdoms Fantasy Rules

Hundred Kingdoms is a set of free wargames rules for fantasy battles with a wide variety of factions.

Burrows and Badgers Rules

Burrows and Badgers is a set of free wargames rules for tabletop adventures with bands of anthropomorphic animals. There’s also a supporting set of miniatures.

Fields of Battle Fantasy Rules

If you have an account with Scribd, you may be interested in a set of fantasy rules that appeared in Warlock Magazine in 1986: Fields of Battle by Graeme Davis