Frostgrave Rules Free From Osprey

No April Fools Here: Osprey is offering the core rules for its popular Frostgrave rules for free this week.

Frostgrave Rules Available For Free!

Osprey is offering its basic rules for the popular Frostgrave miniatures game for free.

Battle of the Five Armies Scenario

Merlin Larson has a well researched scenario for wargaming the Battle of the Five Armies from The Hobbit.

Gaming The Battle of Helms Deep

Doug Larsen has a nice article and scenario for fighting the battle of Helm’s Deep. He has obviously spent a lot of time studying the source material for both the maps and the forces.

Netherhells Heroic Fantasy Rules

Heresy Miniatures offers a heroic fantasy game called “Netherhells.” It’s a dungeon-crawl game, with players facing a game master.