Twilight Small Scale Skirmish Rules

Hasslefree Miniatures has a trial set of their Twilight Small Scale Skirmish miniatures rules.

Battle of Ayrene Board Game

The Battle of Ayrene is a free print and play board game featuring a battle between dwarves and elves.

Edgar Rice Burroughs ‘Zine

EGBZine is an online archive of more than 10,000 pages of Edgar Rice Burroughs goodness — stories, articles, art and more. If you’re contemplating (as I am) a John Carter of Mars game, this is a good place to start.

Border Town Burning Mordheim Supplement

Border Town Burning is a free, unofficial supplement to the excellent, but abandoned, Mordheim, from Games Workshop. It’s got new rules, a new setting and lots of scenarios in a very professionally done format.

Escape From King Tut Game

Escape From King Tut is a free print and play game about tomb robbers escaping from the Mummy’s tomb.