5th Edition D&D Character Sheet With Old School Look

Dyson’s Dodecahedron has a character sheet for Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons that has the look of the old AD&D character folders.

Free D&D Gaming Module: The Tavern of Daednu

The Tavern of Daednu is a free module for Dungeons and Dragons for levels 1 – 3.

There are never enough modules for low level characters.

One Page Fantasy v 2.0

The One Page Fantasy rules are designed as a simpler alternative to Warhammer Fantasy Battle.

Be Awesome At Dungeon Design — Free Ebook

Be Awesome at Dungeon Design is a free (as of this writing) ebook with advice on how to create great dungeons for your fantasy role playing games.

Overlords Of Infamy Print-And-Play

Overlords of Infamy is (for the time being) a free print-and-play game. The author writes:

In this game, you take on the role of an Evil Overlord ruling over subjects within his/her sizeable tract of land. The goal is to make your subjects as miserable as possible, while other Overlords are doing the same to their subjects. You accomplish this by harvesting a variety of materials to complete myriad Nefarious Plots ranging from “Steal Candy from Babies” and “Make Everyone’s Socks Slightly Damp” to “Blow up the Moon!” and “Resurrect the Old Gods”. All the while, there is a band of Adventuring Heroes from the Kingdom of Good going around trying to thwart all Overlord’s plans, other Overlords will be committing acts of Espionage against one another, and random world events will be triggered by World Tension from your actions!