Dungeoneer Dungeon Bashing Rules

Dungeoneer is a set of free wargames rules for an evening of dungeon bashing fun. The author writes:

These are a set of very simple dungeon-bashing rules for youngsters and the young at heart. This is classic kick-in-the-door, kill the monsters and steal their treasure stuff. One player is the Overfiend. He creates the layout of his dungeon, populates it with monsters and treasure and then runs the game. The other players, best between three and five, must guide their Dungeoneers through the dungeon hopefully to emerge victorious, alive and laden down with treasure at the end. Obviously it would be easy for the Overfiend to kill the Dungeoneers very quickly, just by placing a dragon behind every door. This is not his objective however. His job is to provide a fun evening that challenges the Dungeoneers, but may yet kill the occasional foolish or unlucky one.
Dungeoneer is about having a good laugh with your friends. If you play often then each player who wants to can have a turn as the Overfiend. This keeps things fresh and allows the regular Overfiend the chance to kick some monster ass.

Labyrintus Dungeon Crawl Rules

Labyrintus is a set of dungeon crawl rules designed for play on a 7×7 grid.

Netherhells Heroic Fantasy Rules

Heresy Miniatures offers a heroic fantasy game called “Netherhells.” It’s a dungeon-crawl game, with players facing a game master.

Expedition To Moria Dungeon Crawl Rules

A simple set of rules for dungeon crawl.

Trapdoor Dungeon Adventure Rules

Trapdoor is a set of free rules for dungeon adventures. The authors write:

TRAPDOOR is a set of rules which allow players to explore perilous subterranean fantasy worlds using little more than dice, miniatures and their imaginations. It was born chiefly from two desires:

  • To devise a simple dungeon adventure rules engine that still allowed for detailed character development and thus longevity.
  • To create a set free from the constraints of being tied to a predetermined sword & sorcery background. In this way players can use whatever fantasy miniatures they have to hand and can place their games in whatever ‘world’ they like.

The bestiary chapter provides the profiles of numerous generic fantasy creatures – from Goblins Warriors to Fire Drakes – but gamers are also free to create their own too using a simple points system. Trapdoor is also scale-free, so whether you want to adventure using 28mm or 10mm scale miniature or anything in-between the choice is yours. Whatever divergent fantastical lands you wish to explore Trapdoor provides the tools for you to do so!

Like most conventional dungeon exploration games Trapdoor pits a single referee or ‘Games Master’ against players who control individual characters, the ‘heroes’. The hero players can choose from four races – Human, Halfling, Elf and Dwarf – and six classes: Barbarian, Cleric, Knight, Mage, Ranger and Thief. Whichever race-class combination you choose each has attendant strengths and weaknesses, but all will form an integral part of your party!

To get gamers started an introductory quest is included. Fans of classic dungeon crawl systems need look no further!