Lace Wars Rules

I have occasionally wondered whatever became of Father Aelred, a frequent contributor to the late, lamented MWAN magazine. Here is a set of rules for Lace Wars in the “manner of the good father Aelred.”

King George’s Northwest Passage Skirmish Rules

King George’s Northwest Passage is a set of free wargames rules for skirmishes in the horse and musket period of 1680 – 1815. There are rules for special characters such as Hawkeye, Sharp and Blackbeard.

OMOG Musket Rules

OMOG Muskets is a set of free wargames rules for small unit actions in the horse and musket era, 1700 – 1849.

Wargames Research Group Rules: 1685 – 1845

For many years, Wargames Research Group rules were the standard in miniature wargaming. The Wargames Rules: 1685 – 1845 cover the entire horse and musket period, and include useful army lists for Malburian and Seven-Years-War armies as well as the campaigns in India which preceded the Napoleonic Wars. I actually own a print copy of these.

Jack Scruby’s Basic Wargaming Rules

Here are a set of rules from the man who is arguably the “Father” of American Wargaming, Jack Scruby: Basic Wargaming Rules.