Wargames Rules 1685-1845

Wargames Rules 1685-1845 is a set of classic WRG rules from 1977. I own a copy, but you can get your own in pdf form at the link.

Hearts of Tin Horse and Musket Rules

Ross Macfarlane offers Hearts of Tin, a set of simple Horse and Musket rules:

Volley Fire 2mm Rules

Volley Fire is a set of 2mm wargames rules,

designed for lots of volley firing infantry with rifles, horse and cannon. It is meant for simplicity, so ignores morale and commanders and such likes, but maintains a certain amount of realism in certain areas. These can be written in at a later time. I’m very open for suggestions. Anyhow, on with the tour!

Each player has an army consisting of several companies of infantry or cavalry, and batteries of artillery. Infantry companies are made up of one to five platoons, cavalry of a similar number of squadrons, each of which is represented by one strip of models. Artillery batteries consist of a similar number of guns. Units can be either Close order (c.o.) or skirmishers.

The Square Brigadier Rules

The Square Brigadier is a set of horse-and-musket rules based on Bob Cordery’s Chess board game inspired by Joe Morschauser.

Horse and Musket DBA Variant

Here’s a Horse and Musket DBA Variant — primarily for Napoleonic and Seven Years War, but since the basic principles of war in that era covered a huge number of conflicts, you could adjust as needed.