Viking Raid Rules

Viking Raid is a set of free wargames rules that uses playing cards for action resolution.

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Foray Medieval Skirmish Rules

In the Free Company Yahoo Group, there is a set of free wargames rules for medieval skirmishes called Foray.

Vikings Quest Online Game

Vikings Quest is a decision making game from the BBC. In it, you take on the task of outfitting a Viking raiding party and . Along the way, you'll also learn quite a bit about Viking life.

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Brytenwalda Age of Arthur – Saxon Invasion Rules

Brytenwalda is a new set of very professsionally done free wargames rules for battles in the Dark Ages - Age of Arthur - Saxon Invasion period. It's a neat set, but what I really like is the attitude of the authors:

Brytenwalda is an open set for mature gamers.

It is open because, as Creative Commons licensed project, you'll be free to adapt the game in any way you feel more confortable with. There is no written in stone rules, you can change whatever you want. You can even set this rules into another time: in Brytenwalda you'll find the rules to create your own warriors or whole warbands so, why not playing in the times of Rome, the Crusades or in a fantasy world?

It is for mature gamers because it is not focused in competitive manners nor thought as game for tournaments. This is just for fun... and fun is what a game should be.

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Skjaldborg skirmish rules

From Shieldwall Games, Skjaldborg is a set of free wargames skirmish rules for ancients through medievals. They look like they'd be best for dark ages -- and especially Vikings! It is very professionally presented in a pdf file and has some interesting rules mechanisms. My favorite part is how all of the charts work the same. You start in a base column and then shift left or right depending upon the situation. The modifiers are presented below the appropriate chart, with little arrows telling you which way to shift.

I've saved this one to my hard drive. It's a must-try in my Viking project.