Viking Battles In the Anglo Saxon Chronicles

Merlin Larson offers a list of battles with Vikings from the Anglo Saxon Chronicles. The most interesting thing he found was that – contrary to the mythology — the Vikings were not necessarily superior in battle to the Anglo Saxons.

Animated Bayeux Tapestry

Arthuriana Resources On King Arthur

For gamers interested in the historical King Arthur, Arthuriana offers an interesting site.

D3 Norman Conquest Rules

The D3 Norman Conquest rules are designed as a set of low-complexity rules based on One Hour Wargaming rules and Dux Bellorum. It uses a square gridded tabletop.

15mm Viking Army Eye Candy

My brother is painting a 15mm Viking Army for Might of Arms and I thought I’d use this space to pass on the following link. The photos of the 15mm Viking army here are simply among the best I’ve ever seen.