Anticamente Hex Based Ancients

Anticamente is a set of free hex based rules for ancients offered by TB Line Hobby Wargames. It’s a very nicely presented set. The authors write:

The Rules will let you replay the epic battles that took place from Ancient times right up to the early Renaissance period with an “area-based” approach. The use of hexagons will allow you to use three dimensional scenery in complete synergy with the rules without one aspect penalising the other. Anticamente does not pretend to simulate battles; the unknowns are many and modern deductions are often based on hypotheses which, in turn, derive from a few confused and, at worst, contrasting sources. Instead, after some play tests and objective deductions, Anticamente attempts to suggest the reasons why some situation occurred.

Ancient Campaign Rules

Dale the Wargamer offers a set of free Ancient Campaign rules


A Meeting of Hosts

A Meeting of Hosts is a set of rules for simple ancient wargames with toy soldiers by Ross Macfarlane, inspired by Joe Morschauser and Don Featherstone.

Wargames Rules For Classical Warfare

Wargames Rules For Classical Warfare is a set of free wargames rules by David Wareham. They are designed for playing games set in the period from c. 500 B.C. to c. 700 A.D. The rules use an alternate
movement system and whole figure casualty removal. They are primarily designed for use with 15 and 25mm figures.


War Galley

War Galley is a set of free wargames rules for ancient naval warfare. It very cleverly uses matchboxes and matchsticks for play.