Gold Rush Mounties Rules

Gold Rush is a set of free wargames rules for late 19th century action in the Yukon.

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Law of the Gun Wild West Rules

Law of the Gun is a set of free wargames rules by Richard Bradley for Wild West Skirmishes.

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When Technology Meets Tradition Early 20th Century Rules

From the Yahoo Groups Site:

"When Technology Meets Tradition" is a set of rules for wargaming early modern warfare conflicts, roughly from 1895-1915. The emphasis of the author is on early World War I (1914-1915) but other period wars are also of interest, such as the Russo-Japanese War or the Boer wars. The rules are fast-play and focus on the problems faced by military tacticians during early modern warfare: when outdated linear tactics and love of the offensive ran head-on into lethal, accurate, and rapid firing weaponry.

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Into The Breach 18th Century Skirmish Rules

Into The Breach is a set of free wargames rules for skirmishes in the horse and musket era.

Fire and Furia Francese

Fire and Fury Francese, from Nick Dorrell, is a variant of my all time favorite wargaming rules set, Fire and Fury. Whereas Fire and Fury is designed for the American Civil War, F&F-F  is for playing miniatures games set in the European wars of the mid 19th century, such as the Crimean War and the Franco Prussian