Modified Morschauser 19th Century Rules

Bob Cordery offers a set of Modified Morschauser 19th Century Rules. They’re based on the original set by Joseph Morschauser. It’s played on a gridded battlefield

Uniforms of Egypt 1820 – 1898

The New York Public Library has an online collection of color plates of Egyptian uniforms for the period 1820 – 1898. This should be a great reference for people interested in the Sudan and other North African campaigns in which Egyptians participated.

Satsuma Rebellion Game

The Satsuma Rebellion of Japan of 1877 was the inspiration for the Tom Cruise movie The Last Samurai. Warpspawn has a two player card game set in the period. Like all Warpspawn games, you need to create your own cards and pieces to play. Satsuma Rebellion game.