Panzerschlacht WWII Rules

Panzerschlacht is a set of free wargames rules for WWII micro armor. The author writes:

This is the World War 2 version of AToS. It uses exactly the same game mechanisms and, apart from the weapon factors, the only difference is that the ground scale has been increased to 1mm = 1 metre to allow for more aesthetically pleasing ranges.

In our games we mark all casualties on the vehicle and figure bases. This allows a paperless game with no book-keeping whatever. By allowing the models to represent more than one vehicle it becomes possible to field an entire panzer division on an eight by six foot table.

Bomber Boys Print and Play

Bomber Boys is a free print and play game in which you manage the crew of an Allied bomber in WWII. It’s a dice-rolling and allocation, hand management game.


Flames of War Quick Start Rules

The folk at the Flames of War offer “Open Fire,” a set of quickstart rules for 15mm WWII gaming.

Air, Land and Sea Print and Play

In Air, Land and Sea from Arcane Wonders, two players battle for control of theatres of operation. It’s a micro game that plays in about 20 minutes and has gotten a lot of good reviews. You can get the free print and play version of Air, Land and Sea at the link.

Bloody Big World War II Battles

Bloody Big World War II Battles is a set of free wargames rules for large scale WWII battles. Each base in the game represents a battalion or regiment. The ground scale is either 3” or 6” to the kilometer. Time scale is 1turn = 2 or 1hrs. One model represents 30 or 10 vehicles / guns or half a battalion or company of infantry