Tank Craft: Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks – Book Review

Tank Craft: Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks: German Army and Waffen SS The Last Battles In The West 1945
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Tank Craft: Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks is part of a series from publisher Pen and Sword that cover fighting vehicles from WWII to the present. Each of the books is offers full color visual references, as well as modeling guides and historical background.

Like others in the series, Tank Craft: Tiger I and Tiger II Tanks is published in a 21cm x 30cm perfect bound format with 64 glossy pages. There are 32 pages of color illustrations.

Ten of the color pages are illustrations depicting twenty different variations of the Tiger I and Tiger II tanks. The remaining color pages show photographs of scale model kits from a variety of manufacturers.

Gamers and historical enthusiasts will enjoy a timeline of actions in which Tigers were involved in 1945, as well as short operational histories of Tiger units engaged in the last months of the war. The book also includes unit organizations.

This is a slim volume, but packed full of information for modelers and gamers interested in the Tiger I and Tiger II tanks in the last months of the war.

Stalingrad Attacked

Lou Coatney offers Stalingrad Attacked, a free, complete board wargame. Coatney is a veteran game designer with a number of published designs, including Dark Crusade.

Grand Fleets demo rules

Majestic 12 games has these demo rules for their Grand Fleets miniature wargame. My group has played these and really enjoys them. Majestic 12 explains:

Grand Fleets is a comprehensive miniatures game of dreadnought-era naval warfare. In addition to rules for everything from ships to aeroplanes, Zeppelins to submarines, the rulebook includes:
Data cards for over 120 ships, plus guidelines for converting any ship of the period to game values; Eight scenarios encompassing conflicts from the Sino-Japanese War of 1894 through the opening salvoes of World War Two, including several variants; Fifteen pages of weapon data, covering all major gun and torpedo models in use through 1939, over 200 aeroplanes, and more than 20 airships; and Optional rules for flotillas, night-fighting, smokescreens, and more!

Hurrah Stalino!

Hurrah Stalino! is a set of corps to army level rules for the Eastern Front in World War II.

Lion’s Lair: Malta Convoy Battles 1940 – 1942 Board Game

Lion’s Lair is a free print-and-play board game from Lou Coatney. He describes it as:

A fast-playing, point-to-point game of the British trying to battle their way through U-boats, Italian subs, Italian aircraft, German StuKas, Italian MAS motor torpedo boats, and the Italian fleet.