Big Battlesheet

Big Battlesheet is a set of free wargames rules for grand tactical 20th century combat. The rules fit on one page. A company is composed of 3 elements.


Big Battlesheet Direct Download Word File

WW2 Rules For Brigade Level Games

David Wareham offers a set of WW2 Rules For Brigade Level Games


Firefly Outgunned WWI Microarmor Rules

Firefly Outgunned is a set of free wargames rules for WWII microarmor. They're based on the old Firefly and Challenger rules sets.

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Naval War WWII Rules

Naval War is a set of free wargames rules for World War II naval battles. From the website:

Naval War is a Tabletop Naval Miniatures Game designed to be played on a table-sized battle area with World War Two ship miniatures. The game rules and any aids needed for play are free and available for download on the site. The game is not tied to a specific minatures line and is suited for many different game scales (1:1800 - 1:6000)

Naval War is a game, not a simulation. The aim of the game is to recreate the feeling and immersion you get when reading the battle reports of famous sea battle like the Battle of the Coral Sea or the battle of the Java Sea. The focus lies on the action and on the ships on the table, so a lot of the technical details have been worked into easy to read datacards and quick game mechanics.

Coal And The Kaiser

Coal and The Kaiser is a set of "low to moderate complexity" rules for surface naval combat in the 1904 - 1918 era. The author writes:

This is a game of low to moderate complexity portraying tactical naval combat in the period from 1904 through 1918. While it will not yet you play Jutland in a day, it will let you play some fairly large actions reasonably quickly. It uses a scale of 4 minutes to the game turn and 1000 yards to an inch on the playing surface. The rules focus on big ships and big guns: battleships (and particularly the Dreadnought-type battleships that began service in 1905), battlecruisers and armored cruisers. Rules for smaller ships are meant to facilitate fast play and authentic tactics. I consider the rules to be at the beta test stage; I've tested them myself over a period of three years, and have started to play test them with others face to face.

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