Fast Play D-Day Rules

The theme of Historicon 2004 is “D-Day and the Liberation of Europe.” If you’re not going, you can still be there in spirit by playing this set of Fast Play D-Day free wargames rules. Author Matt Fritz also provides paper soldiers, landing craft and bunkers. It’s everything you need for a quick D-Day game.

Airland War Rules

Airland War is the successor to Steve Lorenz’ successful, commercially published Panzer War miniatures wargames rules. The rules simulate modern warfare using microarmor miniatures. You can now get Airland War as a free download.

Combat WWII 15mm Rules

Combat WWII is a set of free wargames rules for 15mm WWII action.

Not Quite Mechanized rules

Chris Kemp offers Not Quite Mechanized, a free set of operational level WWII rules. With the great emphasis on skirmish rules these days, it’s refreshing to see a set of large scale rules. Here’s what Chris has to say on why he decided to write an operational level set:

The idea for NQM began in the 1980’s when there was a dearth of fast games that allowed large multiplayer games to flow smoothly with a minimum of fuss. My experience of large cloth-model games at RMA Sandhurst with Dr Paddy Griffith and others, created a yearning to be able to re-create the vast sweep of those games, but with a far less intrusive umpire load. The players would be able to handle all the low-level combat themselves, leaving the umpire(s) free to concentrate on the high level decisions. Oh, and just to make it harder, the game had to be able to handle a couple of players wanting to have a knock-about on a Friday evening. Whether or not I succeeded, you can judge for yourself.

Platoon Action WWII Skirmish Rules

Platoon Action is a set of skirmish rules for WWII. The author writes:

Platoon Action is a skirmish-level game of World War II combat. Figure scale is one man to one man; ground scale is not exact, but about 1″ to 5-10 yards. Typically a player might control up to an infantry platoon (three squads of about ten men each; perhaps an HQ section); optionally supported by a few heavy weapons or vehicles. Although there are vehicle rules, it should be noted that these are primarily rules intended for infantry combat.