Warzone Modern Battles

Warzone Modern battles is a set of free modern Wargaming rules for 1:72 or 20mm Squad/Platoon games.

High Crusade Rules

Wessex Games has released a freeware version of their simple 15mm science fiction miniature wargames rules, High Crusade. Wessex writes:

Wessex Games originally released High Crusade back in 1994 in response to a young gamer querying what set of rules he should use to play with some 15mm SF figures he had bought at Weymouth’s Fisticuffs show. At that time there wasn’t really a cheap introductory level set of rules on the market, so we sat down and came up with High Crusade retailing at just �1.95!

It proved very popular with novice and experienced gamers alike and soon went into a second edition that included additional rules and appendices covering new backgrounds and expanding the original one.

When the second edition sold out Wessex Games took the decision not to reprint the game, instead deciding to concentrate on newer products supporting its own background worlds.

However rather than let the game die (and because Alex Stewart keeps on mentioning it!) we have decided to re-release the second edition as a freeware web-based edition with a few minor changes which we hope will improve game play and balance.

Trenched Rules

Trenched is a set of free wargames rules for squad level combat. In spite of the name, it is not a WWI rules set. The example photos are of Warzone science fiction figures.

Squad Leader In Miniature

Squad Leader In Miniature is just that: an effort to convert Squad Leader for use with 15mm miniatures on a tabletop, rather than cardboard chits on a board. All the docs are in a Yahoo Group, but it has instant membership.