Breaking News Modern Skirmish Rules

Italian wargames magazine Dadi&Piombo (Dice and Lead) is offering a free set of modern skirmish wargames rules called Breaking News

In the Noonday Sun Small Unit Rules

In the Noonday Sun is a set of rules for small unit actions, derived from another set called Slammer. The authors of Noonday write:

In the Noonday Sun is a set of wargame rules for skirmish games using miniatures. I intended from the start that Noonday Sun would be flexible and adaptable to different scenarios. I have intentionally kept it ‘loose’, particularly in areas like troop motivation and Hollywood heroics. Noonday Sun is meant to be fun! We use miniatures on the tabletop to represent men and women who might well be scared or heroic, angry or bored, professional or just hungry, above all they are unpredictable. When you play Noonday Sun, occasionally try to see things through your troops’ eyes. They are more than just disposable weapons delivery systems.

Simple Toy Soldier Game

The Simple Toy Soldier Game is a set of free wargames rules from the Death Zap blog. It is designed for quick skirmishes with 4 – 8 figures per side and modern weaponry.

WRG 1925 – 1950 Armor and Infantry Rules

The Wayback machine has stored a copy of the WRG 1925 to 1950 armor and infantry rules from 1973.

Battle For The Pudding Small Unit Combat Rules

The Death Zap blog offers a set of free wargames rules for small unit combat. There’s also a fun battle report that goes with them.