Silly Movie Skirmish Game

The Silly Movie Skirmish Game is designed to mimic over-the-top action hero movies.

The author writes:

This game was developed by myself as a quick and easy, simple as can be, fun table top game using any miniatures. The game is not designed to be a simulation of real combat, it is designed to mimic the over the top action and ability witnessed in many a action film.

With a little tweaking the game can be sci fi, horror or wargame. The idea is to create a movie style hero or team of heroes of different heroic value and pit them against stupid bad guys and increasingly clever villains.

For a normal game Grunts and Henchmen (cannon fodder) should be set at HERO 0, favourite units set at HERO 1 with NCOs at HERO2. Lesser HEROs should be set at 3 to 4, with screen idols set at 5 to 6. OTT Heroes set at HERO 7.

For a more true to life game, the max hero should be set at HERO 3 and those characters should be seen as the best SF force (SAS, SEALS etc), Elite forces maybe set at HERO 2 and Normal NCO’s set at HERO 1.

Keep your games simple, don’t go into much depth, enjoy mindless action J

Carnage: Drive To Survive Rules

Carnage are a set of free wargames rules for auto combat in a slightly different world. The author explains:

Carnage is a racing battle game set in Britain in 2003 or so. Players take control of vehicles from humble Reliant Regals to top-spec Lamborghinis, and then kit them out with improbable Equipment and weaponry, with a view to slaughtering similar minded opponents. They take part in “duels”, (races against each other for honour, pride or cash….but mostly cash), in order to better their machines and skills for the next race. What the end goal is of all this, probably no-one knows, and the Police seem strangely absent from all this. Ah well, who said reality was fun?

Battle: War At Sea Modern Naval Rules

Battle War At Sea is a set of free wargames rules for modern naval warfare. It is designed for 1/6000 scale ships

Flying Razorbacks Jet Age Game

Flying Razorbacks is a set of free wargames rules for jet combat in the modern age.

Hex Blitz Rules

Hexblitz is a set of free wargames rules for modern-ish wargames on a hex grid.