Pz8 Wargames Rules

This 24 page pdf has Pz8’s relatively simple free wargames rules for a variety of periods, including

WW1 Divisional
WW2 Divisional
1939 – 1941 Naval
WW2 Coastal
1935 – 1965 Aerial
1965 – 1075 Aerial
1950 – 1975
1975 – 2010
Science Fiction
Space Combat


Breaking News Free Modern Skirmish Rules

Breaking News is a set of free wargames rules for modern skirmishes. From the introduction:

BN recreates the tension of today’s battlefields, scenes of difficult operations that are often called “peace keeping” missions, with the additional presence of civilians and the media.

In BN the main elements are the men and their choices on the field – these rules are not a “brochure” containing all the features of modern weapons.

BN is designed for “one-off” simulations. Build up your unit with group of miniatures and spend other points on EXTRAS (support fire, intelligence, rules of engagement…)

Warzone Modern Battles

Warzone Modern battles is a set of free modern Wargaming rules for 1:72 or 20mm Squad/Platoon games.

By Fire and Movement Modern Corps Rules

Andrew Stevenson offers new set of modern wargames rules based on the Lightning War/Red Storm system. Called “By Fire and Movement”, it is aimed at playing a corps or more each side. You can get the free beta version by joining the Yahoo Group.

PZ8 1950-69 6mm Wargames Miniatures Rules

PZ8 1950-69 is a set of free wargames rules for using 6mm miniatures to refight battles of the mid to late 20th century. They’re at the 6mm Miniatures Yahoo Group.