Mecha!/Spirit Warrior Rules

For a limited time, Scale Creep Miniatures is making its classic Mecha!/Spirit Warriors rules available. These feature big stompy robots with an Aztec flair.

Free Solo Science Fiction Miniatures Rules

Sally Forth Miniatures offers a free set of rules for playing solo Science Fiction miniatures games. While designed for ACP164, they are adaptable to any sci-fi miniatures system, such as WH40KVoidStar Wars, etc.

Big Game Hunt Dinosaur Hunting Rules

Big Game Hunt is a game of dinosaur hunting. Really.

Fallout Warfare

Fallout Warfare is a set of miniatures rules for playing games set in the universe of the acclaimed Fallout computer game.

Nuclear Renaissance Rules

Ramshackle Games offers Nuclear Renaissance, a set of free, downloadable rules for playing skirmishes set in a post nuclear holocaust. There’s both a full color, and a printer friendly set.

The game puts me in mind of one of the favorites from my childhood — Gamma World. You had to love that chart for checking out various objects you discovered.