Giant Spider From Outer Space Rules

Giant Spider From Outer Space is a set of free rules for a solo game inspired by B-Movies.

Xenotactics Science Fiction Wargame

Xenotactics is a tactical science fiction skirmish wargame for 3 – 15 miniatures per player.

Net Epic

Net Epic is a set of free wargames rules based on the old Games Workshop Second Edition Space Marine.

Road Warriors rules

Michael Taylor has written Road Warriors, a set of free wargames rules that uses Matchbox cars for games set in a post-apocalyptic future, ala Mad Max.

Starmada demo rules

The Starmada demo miniature wargaming rules are available from Majestic 12 games:

Starmada is a simple (but not simplistic) board game of starship combat, in which players square off in a general attempt to blast each other’s fleets into just so much space junk. While the universe of the Imperial Starmada and its major adversaries is fully detailed in the rulebook, Starmada is much more than just another game, tied down to its own background. Instead, Starmada can be played in just about any science fiction setting you can imagine. There are dozens of optional rules, exotic special equipment items, and menacing weapons that can be used or discarded at your discretion, to create the type of game you want to play!