Stargate Rules

This site has a set of modifications for playing Stargate SG1 games using Devil Dog Designs’ Dogs of War rules. There also are some good pictures of not-Stargate miniatures, which I assume are the ones created by Eureka Miniatures.

Grimdark Future

Grimdark Future is one page miniatures game set in a war-torn science fiction universe. You know the drill. The game also has eighteen army lists.

Dark Age Science Fantasy Rules

Dark Age is a miniature wargame based on the artwork of the acclaimed artist Brom. Set in a dark science-fantasy world (now there’s an original thought), the game features some really interesting-looking miniatures. In a smart marketing move, the rules are available free for the downloading.

Giant Spider From Outer Space Rules

Giant Spider From Outer Space is a set of free rules for a solo game inspired by B-Movies.

Xenotactics Science Fiction Wargame

Xenotactics is a tactical science fiction skirmish wargame for 3 – 15 miniatures per player.