Full Thrust Cross Dimensions

Full Thrust Cross Dimensions is a Full Thrust rules variant. It brings together rules from the various books and tries out some new ideas.

Hostile Stars Science Fiction Fleet Actions

Hostile Stars is a set of free wargames rules for fighting fleet actions in the Dark Realms universe.

Pacwar Space Dogfighting Rules

Pacwar is a set of rules for large scale dogfights in “The Universe.”

Generic Outlandishly Big Spacefleets (GOBS) Rules

Generic Outlandishly Big Spacefleets (GOBS) is a set of free and easy-to-play rules for huge fleets of starships. The author writes:

G.O.B.S.! is fast-paced and easy to learn. Record-keeping is minimal; in most cases, ships blow up rather than retaining damage. (A two ship game of G.O.B.S.! would be over pretty quickly. This game is about fleets, Sparky! We want explosions all over the place!) The length of playing time is dependent on the size of your fleets, but an hour or two should do it for most cases. Wanna play longer? Build bigger fleets!

Independence War Paper Models

The Independence War Paper Models site has some very nice — and free — paper models of starships.