Paranoia: Troubleshooters Card Game

Paranoia: Troubleshooters is a set of free rules for a card game based on the West End Games' Paranoia RPG.

Bugged Galactic Conquest Game

Jeremy Claridge offers "Bugged" a free board game of galactic conquest. The author writes:

Welcome to Bugged! The hex based wargame of the extraterrestrial kind.

Bugged! Will let you engage in the conflict for territory that has plagued humankind ever since it took to the stars.

In Bugged! You can play one of the four main races that inhabit the galaxy in an attempt to wipe out any opposition. You could be anything from the mutant bugs with their limited intelligence but powerful weapons to the more resourceful but heavily outnumbered human marines.

So lets get you started on the road to Galactic Conquest…………………………….

To play Bugged! You will need some figures to represent your units, a hex marked playing surface and a dozen or so six sided dice.

Biohazard War Card Game

Biohazard War is a DIY card game based on the Resident Evil series. The two player game uses familiar collectible card game mechanics.

MegaMan Battle Network Board Game

The Megaman Battle Network Board Game is a free print-and-play game based on the storied MegaMan franchise.

Resident Evil Relived

Resident Evil Relived is a meld-making card game for two to four players based on the Resident Evil franchise. This DIY project requires crafting a large set of cards.