Collapse Post Apocalypse Print and Play Game

Jordan Goddard Design offers a print-and-play of their game Collapse, a post apocalypse deck building game.

Dr. Who Cosmic Encounter

Gamers of a certain age probably will have fond memories of Cosmic Encounter, which was first released in 1977. The game has gone through numerous incarnations, currently residing at Fantasy Flight. At the core of the game is the interplay between the various interstellar races. The owner of the Dice Monkey site has created some very nice Dr. Who themed alien races for Cosmic Encounter.

Farscape: The Card Game

Farscape is one of my favorite science fiction series, though like many, its life was too short. You can relive the adventures with the print-and-play Farscape card game.

Battlestar Galactica Express Game – Now Dark Moon

Dark Moon is a free print and play board game that originally began life as Battlestar Galactica Express. From the BGG description:

In Dark Moon (formerly known as BSG Express), players are blue collar miners working at the edge of space, draining the mineral deposits from Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. When an incident occurs, infecting some of the crew with an unknown pathogen, things begin to rapidly spin out of control. Players must perform repairs, maintain life support, and fortify the shield that protects the outpost from Titan’s harsh environment in order to survive long enough for rescue to arrive. However, not everyone is interested in survival. Whom can you trust when your best friend might be trying to kill you?

Roll dice, point fingers, quarantine players, and (maybe) betray your friends, all in 60 minutes. Will you escape from Titan, or will you perish on the Dark Moon?

Timeline Board Game

Timeline is a two player strategy game with a time travel theme. Players lay tiles to move through time collecting things, then take them to the end of time to sell them.