Anaxis Space Combat Game

Anaxis is a free space wargame, played on a hex grid with ship counters.

Dune: The Art of Kanly Card Game

Set in the world of Frank Herbert’s Dune, The Art of Kanly is a card game where players try to win through bluffing and deception.

Ares Magazine #14 – The Omega War

Issue 14 of Ares Magazine featured a game called The Omega War, a two player game of strategic warfare for control of North America in the 25th century. Issue 14 came out in the spring of 1983.

Ares Magazine #1 – WorldKiller The Game of Planetary Assault

The first issue of Ares Magazine featured a game called “WorldKiller, The Game of Planetary Assault.” There’s also an interesting article on the “most significant science fiction and fantasy games” by (among others) Greg Costikyan. It’s a nice little piece of history and a glimpse to what was state of the art nearly forty years ago.


Ares Magazine 12 – Star Trader Board Game

Issue 12 of Ares Magazine (January 1982) featured a complete board game called Star Trader, The Game of Intestellar Exploitation and Piracy. The board looks really neat.