Cardbots :Print-And-Play Card Game

Cardbots is a print-and-play game where you build your robots and then fight with them.

Giant Stompy Robots Rules

Meca Tac – The Giant Stompy Robots Edition is a set of free wargames rules for Mecha battles.

Astral Dreams Space Opera Miniatures Game

Astral Dreams is a free miniatures game based on the d20 Open Gaming License system. The game’s background is based on a short story of the same name, which involves a war between humans and robots.

Victorian Robots

The Mechanical Marvels of the Ninteenth Century site is a lot of fun, describing various fictional victorian robots. A good resource for Gaslight and Victorian Science Fiction miniature wargames.

Warbots Robot Combat Game

JP Trostle offers Warbots:

WARBOTS is a game for 2-6 players using the Z-bot toys from Micromachines (or any other cartoonish robot figures). It was originally inspired by the old Metagaming MicroGame “Rivets” by Robert Taylor.

IN THE NOT-SO-FAR FUTURE…. Man built the Warbots to fight his battles for him, but eventually the machines turned on their masters and wiped them out. However, computer-controlled factories continue to manufacture the killer ‘bots and send them out to be tested. Every afternoon at the Disneysoft military/industrial/ entertainment complex, the latest line from the company’s Warbot™ Urban Peace Squad (WUPS) roll out for another demo, with two teams facing off against one another.