Giant Stompy Robots Rules

Meca Tac – The Giant Stompy Robots Edition is a set of free wargames rules for Mecha battles.

Astral Dreams Space Opera Miniatures Game

Astral Dreams is a free miniatures game based on the d20 Open Gaming License system. The game’s background is based on a short story of the same name, which involves a war between humans and robots.

Victorian Robots

The Mechanical Marvels of the Ninteenth Century site is a lot of fun, describing various fictional victorian robots. A good resource for Gaslight and Victorian Science Fiction miniature wargames.

Warbots Robot Combat Game

JP Trostle offers Warbots:

WARBOTS is a game for 2-6 players using the Z-bot toys from Micromachines (or any other cartoonish robot figures). It was originally inspired by the old Metagaming MicroGame “Rivets” by Robert Taylor.

IN THE NOT-SO-FAR FUTURE…. Man built the Warbots to fight his battles for him, but eventually the machines turned on their masters and wiped them out. However, computer-controlled factories continue to manufacture the killer ‘bots and send them out to be tested. Every afternoon at the Disneysoft military/industrial/ entertainment complex, the latest line from the company’s Warbot™ Urban Peace Squad (WUPS) roll out for another demo, with two teams facing off against one another.

Exosolar RPG

Exosolar is a free rpg

about robots struggling to survive on an alien planet. Players will have to make the most of their limited resources as they overcome obstacles that threaten their mission. This is a rules­light RPG with a focus on narrative. One player is the GM (game master) and controls the world while the other players are the robots.