The Oldest Footage Ever Taken Of London

Fascinating stuff for history buffs … which I assume most of my readers are …

Mexican American War Video Photo Collage

Here’s a photo collage of our group’s December 2014 Mexican American War game in 54mm. Eleven players used the Song of Drums and Shako Rules, with house rules.

54mm War of 1812 Skirmish Videos

Here’s a photo collage of our recent War of 1812 skirmish game. The figures are from a variety of manufacturers, including John Jenkins Design and King and Country. The rules are Song of Drums and Shako.

Niagara 1814 Scenario Book

Niagara 1814 is a scenario book for Blackpowder. As with any book of scenarios, however, they can be adapted to whatever rules set you play

Street Scenes of London From The 19th Century

A collection of images from 19th century London. Useful for all those steampunk and Victorian gamers out there.