Guilford Court House Order of Battle and Scenario

A Miniature History of the American Revolution has orders of battle for Guilford Court House, the famous battle in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution.

Battle of Chickamauga Scenario for Fire and Fury

Legion Wargames has a Fire and Fury Scenario for Chickamauga.

BattleLore Historical Scenarios

BattleLore Master has a number of historical scenarios for the popular game, including Hastings, Lincoln, and Stirling Bridge.

Tanagra 457 BC Scenaro

The Othismos ancient wargaming blog has a Warhammer Ancients scenario for the battle of Tanagra from 457 BC, in which the Spartans faced the Athenians.

Solidscape 3D Heroscape Map Viewer

Solidscape is a bit of software that converts Heroscape maps created with Landscape into fabulous looking 3 dimensional view.