Viking Raid Scenario From Practical Wargamer

Here’s a scan of a classic Viking raid scenario from a twenty year old Practical Wargamer issue.

Battle of Killiecrankie – 1689

From Wargames World, here’s a scenario for Killiecrankie. Occurring in 1689, its another of the seemingly endless string of conflicts between Scots and English government forces.

Guilford Court House Order of Battle and Scenario

A Miniature History of the American Revolution has orders of battle for Guilford Court House, the famous battle in the Southern Campaign of the American Revolution.

Battle of Chickamauga Scenario for Fire and Fury

Legion Wargames has a Fire and Fury Scenario for Chickamauga.

BattleLore Historical Scenarios

BattleLore Master has a number of historical scenarios for the popular game, including Hastings, Lincoln, and Stirling Bridge.