Four Mostly Forgotten Conflicts In US History

I ran across this interesting article about four mostly forgotten conflicts in US history. Not forgotten by me, of course, as I am a US history teacher. Still, there may be one in there you’ve has misremembered.

For my favorite forgotten conflict, I would nominate the Barbary War of 1801 – 1805.

Behind The Name

Behind The Name is a site that lists the meanings and origins of names from a wide range of cultures and time periods.

Simple DIY Lightbox

One way to improve your photography of your figures is to use a lightbox. I made mine from foamcore and butcher’s paper. Here’s another great method for a diy lightbox: link

BBC On Wargaming and Games Workshop

The BBC website has an article on Warhammer 40K. Gary Chalk, (one of my favorites) former Warhammer artist and game designer, doesn’t have good things to say.