The Perfect Captain’s Battle Finder

The Perfect Captain’s Battle Finder is a set of 64 cards — done in the usual high quality graphics — that you use to generate terrain for your miniature wargames battles. There also are rules for using the cards to create linear campaigns, and maneuver campaigns using the downloadable force counters, order and control markers. There are even revenue and siege rules.

Truly innovative stuff, and something that I’m going to use almost immediately.

The 15 Mil Online Magazine – 3rd Issue

The 15 Mil is an online magazine from Peter Pig about 15mm gaming. A feature of the magazine is a “Gamette” — a small set of rules for a specific gaming scenario. The 3rd issue’s Gamette is about French Resistance destroying train tracks ahead of D-Day.

Online Graph Paper Generators

Incompetech has a page that lets you generate pdf files for different kinds of graph paper, including hexes, staggered bricks, hex dot patterns, multi width, etc. If you’re makign maps or planing scale models, this is an essential site.

How To Run A Convention Game

Steve Winter has some good advice on running a good convention game. It’s teriffic advice that every miniature wargamer should pay attention to.

A Personal History of Painting Miniatures Figures

Over at Small Cuts, there’s a really neat essay on the author’s life in painting wargames figures. Beginning with Humbrol enamels, the author write of his progress with materials and techniques.