How To Run A Convention Game

Steve Winter has some good advice on running a good convention game. It’s teriffic advice that every miniature wargamer should pay attention to.

A Personal History of Painting Miniatures Figures

Over at Small Cuts, there’s a really neat essay on the author’s life in painting wargames figures. Beginning with Humbrol enamels, the author write of his progress with materials and techniques.

The Feldmachink

The Feldmachink is a device that allows full hidden movement in any miniatures wargame system without a referee. You can get instructions for it here.

“The Mill” – 15mm Fanzine

Peter Pig Miniatures has launched a new quarterly 15mm fanzine called the 15 Mill, or The Mill. The inaugural issue is here.

The Complete Wargames Handbook Online

James Dunnigan’s masterwork, The Complete Wargames Handbook, has been out of print since 1997. It’s now available online at The Strategy Page.