Make Your Own Movie Posters

Photojojo has a page with a list of eleven tutorials describing how to use PhotoShop to create movie posters.

Gallery of Comic Covers

CoverBrowser has a great collection of comic book covers for you to browse online.

Making A Pair of Big Brass (Dice)

Whamodyne has some instructions on making a set of solid brass six sided dice. They actually are extruded hexagons. A very clever project.

Build A Foam Core Dice Tower

Ray Alderman has posted instructions on building a foam core dice tower on the Instructables site. I’m going to build one very soon.

Thor Heyerdahl Was Right

imageWhen I was a boy, I thrilled to the adventures of Thor Heyerdahl in books such as Kon-Tiki: Across the Pacific in a Raft and The RA Expeditions. I remember wanting to lead a life of adventure like Heyerdahl, was very disappointed when some other anthropologists debunked his theories.

Now, though, it turns out that he might have been partially right. A recent study of chicken bones suggests that Polynesians reached South America between 1321 and 1407.

Its fascinating stuff for anyone interested in history. But there’s a wargaming angle in this, of course. How about a skirmish game between Polynesians and Incas?