Scratchbuilding A Macro Lens

Macro lenses are perfect for photographing miniatures. They’re expensive, though. Here’s how one gamer scratch built a macro lens.

Newspaper Article On Kentucky Man’s Miniature Wargaming Collection

I ran across this while surfing the web: With 11,213 toy soldiers, Shelbyville man takes his wargaming hobby seriously

Photos From Pro Or Con Fall 2013 Miniature Wargaming Convention

Adventure Planning Brainstorming Tool

Gnome Stew has an interesting form to help you plan gaming adventures. It gives the game master a place to record locales, story goals, adversaries and treasures. It is intended for role playing, but I think it also would be useful for those story-driven miniatures skirmish games.

Create An Ebook From Wikipedia

Acknowledging that Wikipedia has is credibility issues, here’s a neat way to combine Wiki articles into an ebook.

On the left hand side of an article page, click on “Create A Book.”

Click “Start Book Creator” in the center column.

Then, navigate to the pages you want to add. At the top center of each article page is a box which says “Book Creator” and inside that is an “Add This Page To Your Book” link. Click on that to add the article, then go on to the next.

When you’re done adding pages, click on “Show Book”

This takes you to another page that lets you reorder the pages, then download in various formats or even order a physical copy.

Neat stuff.