Civil War Christmas

More at Son of the South.

Photographing Miniatures Tips

Cipher Studio offers some tips for creating good photographs of miniatures.

The Great Jonny Quest Documentary

I grew up on Jonny Quest and think that the original is one of the best ever created. It’s certainly a great piece of pulp. Here’s the first part of a two hour documentary on the making of Jonny Quest. The entire thing is in pieces on YouTube.

Lost Minis Wiki

A work in progress, the Lost Minis Wiki is attempting to catalog as many of the sadly-out-of-print miniatures as possible. As with any Wiki, it’s only as good as it’s contributors, however, so add to it if you can.

“Fiddle With Your Lighting” Miniature Photography Article

Uncle Cheddar has an article on taking miniatures photographs. One very good piece of advice: Fiddle With Your Lighting, Not Your Camera Settings.