Make A Cheap Dice Tray

This video tutorial shows how to make a cheap dice tray from dime store frames.

We all know a gamer who needs a dice tray to keep his rolling in check.

Music For Board Games

Melodice is a website that offers musical backgrounds for board gaming (and for miniatures, if you could find a thematically similar board game). You select the game from the search menu, and it offers a playlist (from Youtube channels) of background music. It's pretty good.

Classic Books On Wargaming

Rudi Geudens has a site that has images and descriptions of classic wargaming books. I've got some of those -- or had some of those -- and its a neat trip down memory lane.

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The Making Of A 1980s D&D Module

For any interested in the history of the gaming hobby, here's an interesting article on the process followed by TSR in creating a module.

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Civil War Christmas

More at Son of the South.