Napnuts Masters of the Mediterranean Campaign

Masters of the Mediterranean is a set of campaign rules for ancients.


A Coat of Steel Wars of the Roses Rules

The always amazing Perfect Captain has released A Coat of Steel, a set of free wargames rules for the Wars of the Roses. There’s also a campaign game called “A Crown of Paper.”

Beyond the Saale Seven Years War Campaign System

Beyond the Saale is a set of campaign rules for the Seven Years War.

Flames of War Desert Campaign

Running a “campaign” can add context and interest to a miniature wargame. Here’s a Tobruk Desert Campaign for Flames of War.

Valley of Fire Northwest Frontier Campaign

Valley of Fire is a free campaign system for the Northwest Frontier. The authors write:

This is a fictional colonial campaign set in the Northwest Frontier during the late 1880s. A British fort is under siege and a relieving force has exactly one month to break the siege! The villages in the valley and mountain passes go into revolt, adding more and more foces to the siege and to block the British advance. The system features hidden movement, is of moderate complexity, and is designed to be run with or without a referee. The PDF contains rules, counters, a planning map, and log sheets.