1862 Campaign Rules

1862 is a set of American Civil War Campaign Rules designed for Johnny Reb, but which could be used with any miniatures rules set.


Then Holler! Tactical Miniatures Rules For The Civil War

Then Holler is a new set of free wargames rules for game set in the American Civil War.

American Civil War Rules For 25mm Figures

American Civil War is a set of rules for 25mm figures in a 1:25 scale.

Hardtack Civil War Rules

Hardtack is a set of regimental Civil War rules based on the excellent Stargrunt II rules. With a scale of 1 fire = 3-5 men, it’s intended for fighting one regiment v another, filling the space between Johnny Reb and Brother v Brother.

Civil War Ironclads Gaming Page

The Jackson Gamers have a page with everything you need to know to start gaming Civil War Ironclads