Pigs and Glory: The Viking Sagas

Pigs and Glory is a set of free wargames rules for Viking Saga Campaigns. It is designed to give some context to period battles.


Ravenfeast – Norse Saga Skirmish Rules

Ravenfeast is a set of free wargames rules for skirmishes in the Norse sagas.

Viking Battles In the Anglo Saxon Chronicles

Merlin Larson offers a list of battles with Vikings from the Anglo Saxon Chronicles. The most interesting thing he found was that – contrary to the mythology — the Vikings were not necessarily superior in battle to the Anglo Saxons.

Viking Painting Guide

Kurtis Brown offers a one-page painting guide to Vikings.

Note: the link above is dead, and an email to Kurtis bounced. So I went to the Wayback Machine and retrieved a copy of the page. It is preserved below for posterity.

15mm Viking Army Eye Candy

My brother is painting a 15mm Viking Army for Might of Arms and I thought I’d use this space to pass on the following link. The photos of the 15mm Viking army here are simply among the best I’ve ever seen.