Friday’s Wargaming Babes: Rachel Weisz in Enemy At The Games


For Frigga’s Day: Rachel Weisz in Enemy At The Gates

Friday’s Wargaming Babes – Jeanne Tripplehorn in Waterworld


For Frigga’s Day: Jeanne Tripplehorn in Waterworld.

Friday’s Wargaming Babes – Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago


For Frigga’s Day: Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago. Dr. Zhivago, of course, is set in the midst of the Russian Revolution and Civil War.

Friday’s Wargaming Babes: Eva Green In Kingdom of Heaven


For Frigga’s Day (Goddess of Beauty, Love and Marriage), here’s Eva Green in Kingdom Of Heaven

Gaming Babes: Fembots From Austin Powers


For Frigga’s Day: Fembots from Austin Powers. The growing interest in gaming spy movies and tv shows, such as with the 7TV rules, makes these wargaming babes.