Historical European Martial Arts Documentary

Surprise, surprise. Hollywood has it wrong.

Here’s a documentary showing how historical swordfights really happened.

Predator Dark Ages Movie

Predator: Dark Ages is a very well done fan film featuring a Predator versus a band of soldiers from the Crusades. I’d love to see a series of films in the Predator franchise set in historical periods. How about a Predator loose in the trench of the First World War, or a Predator versus local militia in colonial America?

1066: Year Of The Comet Block Game

1066: Year Of The Comet is a free print and play block game (you supply the blocks) about the Viking and Norman invasions of England. It looks terrific.

Nights of the Crusades RPG

Nights of the Crusades is an RPG that’s gotten lots of good reviews. The good news is that the pdf is free.