Viking Painting Guide

Kurtis Brown offers a one-page painting guide to Vikings.

Note: the link above is dead, and an email to Kurtis bounced. So I went to the Wayback Machine and retrieved a copy of the page. It is preserved below for posterity.

Early Blazon Heraldry Site

Early Blazon offers illustrations of hundreds of coats of arms through the Crusades.

Medieval Breeches

And now for something completely different. But maybe still useful.

I. Marc Carlson has written an artcle on medieval breeches. Yes, pants. There are a number of illustrations, and this interesting fact: no actual medieval breeches have survived to this day, so no one is really sure how they were constructed.

Still, its a useful resource for sculptors and painters.

Genghis Khan Website

From a wargamer’s perspective, what’s not to like about the world’s greatest conqueror? Here’s a website on Genghis Khan with some good background information, including maps, biographical basics, and a nice look at Mongolia today. This last would be good for some of you doing the “Back of Beyond” games.

Warhammer Mongol Army List and Photos

I’ve noticed a growing interest in playing Mongols — perhaps due to the introduction of some new 25mm / 28mm figure lines. Vince’s Homepage (yes, that’s the site’s name), has some photos of a nicely painted Mongol Army and a useful Mongol Army list for Warhammer Ancients.