Warhammer Mongol Army List and Photos

I’ve noticed a growing interest in playing Mongols — perhaps due to the introduction of some new 25mm / 28mm figure lines. Vince’s Homepage (yes, that’s the site’s name), has some photos of a nicely painted Mongol Army and a useful Mongol Army list for Warhammer Ancients.

Medieval Demographics For Fantasy Worlds

Creating a fantasy world? Running a medieval fantasy RPG? Here’s a great article onĀ Medieval Demographics, based on the Paris tax lists of 1292 and other original sources.

Making Crusaders From Plasticine Modeling Clay

For the more craft oriented among you, here are a few videos to guide you through making some plasticine modeling clay figures for the Crusades.

Historical European Martial Arts Documentary

Surprise, surprise. Hollywood has it wrong.

Here’s a documentary showing how historical swordfights really happened.

Building A Medieval Roadhouse

Terrain Thralls has an illustrated tutorial on making a half-timbered, two story roadhouse. The end result is beautiful, and would be useful in a wide variety of settings.