Uniforms of Russia 960 – 1900

The New York Public Library Images collection has an amazing collection of the uniforms of Russian armed forces from 960 – 1900. Most are in color. All are useful.

Flags for the Crusades

The Krigsspll.dk site offers a very large selection of downloadable flags for the Crusades. They are all very well done.

Uniforms of Byzantium Through 1453

The New York Public Library Systems Digital Library has digitized images of thousands of plates, prints and paintings, including these of the uniforms of Byzantium through 1453.

Crusader Banners

The Fanaticus Site has a set of Crusader banners for you to download and print. They’re in 15mm scale.

Viking Painting Guide

Kurtis Brown offers a one-page painting guide to Vikings.

Note: the link above is dead, and an email to Kurtis bounced. So I went to the Wayback Machine and retrieved a copy of the page. It is preserved below for posterity.