SAGA Crusades Game in 60mm

Here’s a video with photos from our group’s recent game of SAGA Crusades, featuring 60mm! figures. All of the figures were painted by Brad N.

The game was Saracens versus Crusaders. The Crusaders got the upper hand early, severely damaging several Saracen units. But the the dice went against them and the Saracens were able to kill the Warlords of both the Norman and Spanish contintents.

Nights of the Crusades RPG

Nights of the Crusades is an RPG that’s gotten lots of good reviews. The good news is that the pdf is free.

Villehardouin Free Board Game

Villehardouin is a free map-and-counter board game from the great designers at Perfect Captain. It’s a game about the Byzantine Reconquest of the Morea in southern Greece in the year 1263 AD.

Battle of Red Gate Crusades Scenario

Battle of Red Gate is a Crusades scenario featuring the Franks and Damascenes in 1106.

Richard and Saladin: Warriors of the Third Crusade

The Shadowed Realm site has an article on Richard the Lionheart and Saladin, which provides good background for anyone thinking of starting a Crusades gaming project.