List of Arabic Names

For colonial games fans, here’s a gamers’ list of Arabic names.

Ironbow rules

From The Perfect Captain, Ironbow is one of their series of beautifully illustrated wargames where the graphics are not just eyecandy, but integrated into the rules and play of the game. Truly innovative stuff. Ironbow covers the crusades era from 1096 to 1192.

Early Crusader Period Flags

Here’s a selection of early crusader period flags.

Princes of the East

Princes of the East is a political / military game for the period immediately following the First Crusade. Like all of the Perfect Captain’s game, this one is professionally done, with some amazing graphics.

SAGA Crusades Game in 60mm

Here’s a video with photos from our group’s recent game of SAGA Crusades, featuring 60mm! figures. All of the figures were painted by Brad N.

The game was Saracens versus Crusaders. The Crusaders got the upper hand early, severely damaging several Saracen units. But the the dice went against them and the Saracens were able to kill the Warlords of both the Norman and Spanish contintents.