Villehardouin Free Board Game

Villehardouin is a free map-and-counter board game from the great designers at Perfect Captain. It’s a game about the Byzantine Reconquest of the Morea in southern Greece in the year 1263 AD.

Battle of Red Gate Crusades Scenario

Battle of Red Gate is a Crusades scenario featuring the Franks and Damascenes in 1106.

Richard and Saladin: Warriors of the Third Crusade

The Shadowed Realm site has an article on Richard the Lionheart and Saladin, which provides good background for anyone thinking of starting a Crusades gaming project.

Flags for the Crusades

The site offers a very large selection of downloadable flags for the Crusades. They are all very well done.

Crusader Banners

The Fanaticus Site has a set of Crusader banners for you to download and print. They’re in 15mm scale.