GURPS Space 1889 Conversion

I loved Space: 1889. The setting was fantastic, and I also liked the RPG system. But for those who prefer a more nuts and bolts operation, you could try this GURPS conversion for Space: 1889

Children of Fire Fantasy Role Playing Game

In Children of Fire, players act as Angels (the Children of Fire), interacting with other angels, and with humans (Children of Clay). To create a character, players choose an order and select various options. Action resolution is stat + 2d10 vs difficulty

A number of companies produce angel figures that would work well with this one.

Dungeon Geomorphs

The Character For Every Game Blog offers some really neat dungeon geomorph tiles, as well as a few nice complete dungeons. Plenty here to look at.

Creating A Fantasy Sandbox

Rob Conely of A Bat In The Attic blog has written a document on making a Fantasy Sandbox.

Old School D&D Record Sheets

If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember the incredibly dense Armory D&D record sheets. You can get a pdf of them here.