Paper Miniatures For The Fantasy Trip and Other Dungeon Crawls

While these paper miniatures were specifically designed for The Fantasy Trip, they certainly would be useful for any other dungeon crawl or RPG game.

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Oldhammer Dungeon Floor Tiles

Realm of Chaos has some nice scans of dungeon floor plans from Old School Warhammer publications. I have the original of this set in a stack somewhere. I wish GW had not gone so far astray from the things that made it great in the 1980s and 1990s.

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10mm Figures Comparison

Brumbaer has a couple of pages comparing the relative sizes of 10mm figures from different manufacturers. Useful stuff, if you're looking to fill out your Warmaster armies.

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Paper Dungeons and Starship Decks

Germ's World has a two sets of paper corridors for use as terrain with your wargames: a set of dungeon corridors and a set for science fiction. The sets include wall sections of various lengths, crossroads, junctions, staircases, archways, pits, traps and more. They are easily as good as many of the commercially available sets. You could use these for any number of games, including Games Workshop's Space Hulk or Warhammer Quest, WizKids' MageKnight Dungeons, or just a regular Dungeons and Dragons slaughterfest.

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A Coronation of Kings – Free Fantasy Ebook

A Coronation of Kings is a free kindle book from Amazon. From the description:

With his world in ashes Tristan Listar is left fighting for his life. As the island of Valaar slips beneath the tides of tyranny, Tristan must save himself... and his people.

Tyrants will rise, armies will assemble, and the winds of magic stir ominously. When the dust settles and the age of uncertainty is at an end, who will wear the Crown of Kings?