Hobbit Text Adventure

In 1982, Beam Software and Melbourne House released the first computer game explicitly based on Tolkien’s work. You can play the old school Hobbit text adventure game online here.

Dwarf Fortress Computer Game

Dwarf Fortress is a free video game with two primary modes: Fortress mode, in which the player takes control of a group of dwarves and attempts to construct a successful and wealthy subterranean fortress in a mountain, and Adventurer mode, which places the player in the shoes of an adventurer as they wander the world and do battle with various creatures.

The game is implemented in text-graphics, and is donationware, so you can download and play for free, while the developers ask for donations to continue their work.

Retro 8 Bit Games

Retrospec has a selection of 8-bit games that have been updated for modern computers.

Battlescribe Army Builder Software

Battlescribe is free army builder software for your PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Free Fonts For Your Self Published Game

Dafont offers more than 13,000 Fonts. That’s a lot, but they’re categorized and offer previews of your custom text.

Font Squirrel offers a selection of fonts which are cleared for commercial use.

Lost Type has a small number of vintage style fonts. Not technically free, instead, it’s pay what you want.

The League of Movable Type aims to offer an elite selection of open source fonts.

Fontspace has more than 15,000 fonts.