Wargames Terrain Generator

Tony Thomas has created the Wargames Terrain Generator, a program that’s free for the downloading. He tells about it in an email: “What it does is allow you to create and customize a random terrain for your wargame of choice. Wargame terrain generator can also create an actual image of the table top using terrain images for battle reports and so forth (a basic terrain set is provided with the download). Wargame terrain generator is still currently in beta, so while all the functionality is working there is very little idiot proofing.”

Zombie Infection Simulation v2.3

Ok. This is neat. It’s a Java window that shows how fast one infected individual can destroy a population.
Zombie Infection Simulation v2.3

Wargaming Machines Computer Assisted Minis Site

Wargaming Machines is a site that compiles a list of software-assisted miniatures games.

Historic Software Collection

The Internet Archive has an interesting collection of historic software games that you can actually run on your modern computers. Of particular interst to me was Karateka, which I played the heck out of back in the day.

Paperclip Factory Game

The Paperclip Factory game is a strangely compelling browser based time waster. You start out by clicking a button to manually “make” paper clips. After a while, you get enough money to afford to purchase different types of automation, then scale up to various computer systems and so forth.