Retro 8 Bit Games

Retrospec has a selection of 8-bit games that have been updated for modern computers.

Battlescribe Army Builder Software

Battlescribe is free army builder software for your PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

Free Fonts For Your Self Published Game

Dafont offers more than 13,000 Fonts. That’s a lot, but they’re categorized and offer previews of your custom text.

Font Squirrel offers a selection of fonts which are cleared for commercial use.

Lost Type has a small number of vintage style fonts. Not technically free, instead, it’s pay what you want.

The League of Movable Type aims to offer an elite selection of open source fonts.

Fontspace has more than 15,000 fonts.

Battle Scribe Computerized Army Builder

Battle Scribe is a free software application that allows you to build point based armies.


BattleScribe is an application designed to make it easy for wargamers to build and maintain their army lists – similar to Lone Wolf’s Army Builder. BattleScribe can handle almost any game system or faction, and is constantly being improved with new features.

Quickly and easily work out your army list
BattleScribe works out your points totals and tells you if your list is valid. If there are problems, it highlights the unit in error and tells you what’s wrong. All you need is the data files for your game and army.

Outputs army lists for printing or the web
Army lists include profiles and rules (if the data file contains them). Layout options let you choose what’s printed and how it’s layed out. Copy the result as text, HTML or print it out.

Easy to share data files
BattleScribe can automatically download and update it’s data files from on-line “repositories” – all you need is the repository’s URL. Repositories can be easily created with the included tools.

Easy to create data files
Easy to use editors are included to allow you to create or edit your data files – no programming required. It’s simple to fix errors you might find in data files.

Works on any system
BattleScribe works on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android, or any OS that supports Java

Magic Set Editor Software

Here’s a bit of free software that helps you create magic style cards. I use the software to create unit cards for my miniatures games. They’re much better, both practically, and visually, than having unit sheets lying all over the table.