SSG’s Carriers At War (1992)

The Internet Archive has an emulator for SSG’s MS-DOS game, Carriers At War. The 1992 game ha a number of Pacific Battles to fight out. I enjoyed this back in the day.

New World Computing’s Nuclear War (1989)

The Internet Archive has an emulator for playing Nuclear War, an MS-DOS game from 1989.

Broderbund’s Ancient Art of War (1984)

Ancient Art of War (1984)

The classic Ancient Art of War game, released by Broderbund in 1984, is available to play on in an emulator.

Card Creator Software

Card Creator is a piece of software that helps you design your own Magic-style cards.

Hobbit Text Adventure

In 1982, Beam Software and Melbourne House released the first computer game explicitly based on Tolkien’s work. You can play the old school Hobbit text adventure game online here.