Generic Near Eastern “Bronze Age/Biblical” Figures

Mike Schubert of the Pretoria Wargames Club has an article on which Essex miniature wargaming figures to use to build armies of obscure near eastern bronze age armies, such as the Mitannians, Canaanites, Later Hebrews and Neo-Hittites.

15mm War Galleys

Here are a set of instructions for building 15mm models of ancient War Galleys from the Jackson Gamers.

Siege of Tenochtitlan rules

Matt Fritz has these simple set of free wargamesrules for recreating the Siege of Tenochtitlan. He uses them with his students — a great idea for both wargaming and learning! It inspires me to try similar things in my classroom.

15mm Ancients Figure Reviews

The good folks at Vis Bellica Online have this review of 15mm ancients wargames figure lines, including Essex Assyrians and Egyptians, Chariot Egyptians, Tin Soldier Greeks, Thracians and Persians, Xyston Greeks, Pass O’ The North, and Pendraken 10mm late Romans.

Making A Middle Eastern Style Monument Tower

Here’s a tutorial for making a tower/obelisk such as those you might find in ancient middle eastern towns.