Howl’s Moving Castle Paper Model

For fans of the wildly imaginative Miyazaki animated films, here’s a paper model of Howl’s Moving Castle. It might have some use in a fantasy or steampunk game; otherwise, it just looks like it would be fun to build.

Battle of the Five Armies Scenario

Merlin Larson has a well researched scenario for wargaming the Battle of the Five Armies from The Hobbit.

Gaming The Battle of Helms Deep

Doug Larsen has a nice article and scenario for fighting the battle of Helm’s Deep. He has obviously spent a lot of time studying the source material for both the maps and the forces.

Paper Model of An Elf Tower

I’m not at all sure what scale this free paper model of an elf tower is in. Its either a big 15mm or a small 25mm scale. In either case, it would be a nice addition to the table for a fantasy game.

Castles and Crusades Netbook of Classes

Castles And Crusades is old school Dungeons and Dragons, with some clever systems that both simplify things and make the game compatible with all of yoru old (monster manuals and such. I don’t normally link to commercial products here, but I’m particularly taken with this one.

There’s also a growing community offering free supplementary materials, like the Netbook of Classes. The Netbook offers fifteen new classes, including executioner, harlequin and lore warden.