Darth Maul Apprentice Fan Film

Darth Maul: Apprentice is a terrific fan film set in the Star wars Universe. A must-watch.

A Fire Upon The Deep – Free Ebook from TOR

TOR is offering a free ebook copy of Vernor Vinge’s classic space opera “A Fire Upon The Deep.

Paper Models For Dropships, Shuttlecraft, Science Fiction Tank, Warehouses

Genet Models offers some free paper models for Dropships, Shuttlecraft, a Science Fiction Tank that looks like it is from the movie Aliens, and some science fiction style warehouses.

Tor.Com Science Fiction and Fantasy Website

Tor.Com is the official website of science fiction and fantasy publishers Tor, but its content is so much more than promotions for the latest books. I was reminded of how much I enjoy it when I received the latest newsletter/update. The site has articles on “The Trial of Galadriel,” the return of X-Files, Game of Thrones, the hHstory of Black Science Fiction, and more. The site also has short fiction free for the reading. Highly recommended.

Seam – A Short Science Fiction Action Film

Seam is a short science fiction action film that I think is well worth the twenty minutes. The price (free) certainly is right. From the description:

In the not-too-distant future, a tenuous peace between humans and remarkably human-like “machines”—some don’t even know they’re not real—is tested when synthetics begin spontaneously exploding. A military-led search for these unwitting suicide bombers begins, sending a terrified machine woman and her human partner on the run.