Star Mats For X Wing Miniatures Game

The X Wing miniatures tend to slide all over table tops, so you definitely need a mat. Here’s a tutorial on making one out of felt.

Galactic Heroes Star Wars Rules

Galactic Heroes is a set of rules for playing game set in the Star Wars universe. The author uses those chunky three inch “Star Wars Galactic Heroes” figures, but any would work well. The author writes:

Galactic Heroes is a friendly game for 2-6 players, ages 6 and up. Each turn, players move their action figures around the table, exploring by flipping over Tokens that could be an enemy, a trap, or even something valuable. When a player successfully deals with an encounter, they collect the token. When all the tokens are collected, the game ends and the player with the most tokens wins!

Spin Out Pod Racing Rules

Spin Out is a set of rules for running Star Wars style pod races. The old micro machines from Galoob work perfectly for figures.

Star Wars Miniatures Mass Battles Conversions

Arthur Chang has written a set of add-on rules for playing massed battles with the Wizards of the Coast rules for Star Wars miniatures.

Paper Star Wars Figures

This site has a nice selection of paper miniatures for both the new Star Wars movies, as well as the classic trilogy. They would be great for using with West End’s old Star Wars miniatures game.