Exorcist Card Game

Exorcist is a card game for two players in which the winner is the one who wins all the soul tokens.

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Halloween Fonts and Clip Art

Spice up your miniature wargames rules with these free Halloween fonts and clip art.

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Paper Robot Model

What you really need is a giant robot to menace the heroes in your miniature wargames. You can get a nice paper model of a killer robot at Ravensblight.

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Miskatonic Madness Board Game

Miskatonic Madness is a free downloadable board game from Richard Launius, the creator of the original legendary Arkham Horror board game. This is a two player game and is very well done.

Here's what Richard Launius says about the game:

this is an update of a very simple game I designed years ago and gave out a conventions to people who play-tested Arkham Horror and my more robust game designs. It is meant to be simple and in no way is comparable to Arkham Horror or Trail of the Brotherhood, but in it's own right is fun and there is a strategy to playing the game. Lastly like Lovecraft stories, the magic of this game is in the imaginations of the viewers. With imagination it is a fun little game

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Using Epoxy To Make Realistic Eyes

Here is an article on using epoxy to make some cool looking eyes. Beyond the horror applications, however, I think the same technique could be used to make some very nice looking markers for wargames.

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