Dawn of the Dead board game

O.K. So it’s not miniatures, but anyone my age will remember the classic SPI game “Dawn of the Dead.” There’s a downloadable version here.

Zombie Infection Simulation v2.3

Ok. This is neat. It’s a Java window that shows how fast one infected individual can destroy a population.
Zombie Infection Simulation v2.3

Pulp Horror Comics and Stories

weird tales of terror

Comic Book Plus has a collection of free pulp horror comics and stories.

Ravensblight Manor

Ravensblight Manor is a free paper model of a haunted house. I took a look at it, and think that it would be just about the right size for 25mm – 28mm figures.

Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency

I run a Halloween themed miniatures wargame every October, so this pseudo history site was a lot of fun for me. It’s a history of the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, which operated from 1868 to 1975.