Dead Walk Again Miniatures Rules

Dead Walk Again is a set of free wargames rules for skirmish games in the zombie apocalypse.

Zombie Plague Rules

Fortress Figures offers “Zombie Plague”, a set of free wargames rules for horror scenarios. The free game goes with their excellent (and humorous) zombie plague figures. Check them out.

Zombie Rancher Game

Invisible City Productions offers Zombie Rancher, “A post-zombie apocalypse game of entrepeneurisim for two or four players.”

Frag Zombies

Frag Zombies is a set of rules for combining Steve Jackson’s Frag game with Journeyman Press’ Zombies! board game. Of course, ownership of both sets is required, so I’m not sure how useful it will be.

Dawn of the Dead board game

O.K. So it’s not miniatures, but anyone my age will remember the classic SPI game “Dawn of the Dead.” There’s a downloadable version here.