Mobsters Prohibition Era Gangster Game

Mobsters is a role playing game of prohibition era gangsters.

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Super Eight Footage Of A 1980s D&D Session

For the sake of pure nostalga, here's a (silent) Super 8 film of a Dungeons and Dragons session from the 1980s. It looks a lot like the sessions I remember.

Dread Roleplaying Game

Dread is a role playing game that uses an innovative mechanic -- a Jenga game -- to resolve actions and build tension.

There are both free and paid versions.

Chivalry and Sorcery 4th Edition – Free

The fourth edition of the venerable Chivalry and Sorcery RPG is available for free at RPG Now.

Free D&D Elemental Evil Players Guide

Wizards of the Coast offers the Dungeons and Dragons Elemental Evil Players guide as a free download.