Random Tavern Generator

All good Dungeons and Dragons adventures begin or end in a tavern. Your party probably has a favorite, but if they don’t, try the Random Tavern Generator.

Tavern Map

Here’s a free print-and-play map of a tavern for your wargames. I’m thinking it would be great thing for my highwaymen and smugglers games.

To go with the tavern, you can get the wine cellar.

Building An 18th Century Tavern

Pijlie’s Way blog has a series of posts on how he built a fabulous 17th – 18th Century Tavern.

Green Dragon Tavern Paper Model

Delta 7 Studios offers a paper model of the Green Dragon Tavern. The Inn was a meeting place for Patriots during the period just prior to the outbreak of hostilities in the American Revolution. It’s in pdf form and in 1/120 scale.