Sources For Pirate Ships

Pirates are my next big project, so I was happy to find that Cianty’s Tabletop Wargames Blog has an article on sources for pirate ships for gaming.

Austrian Uniforms 1448 – 1896

The New York Public Library’s Digital Gallery has a large collection of prints of Austrian uniforms from 1448 – 1896. It’s an incredible painting guide.

Shake Loose The Border – Border Reivers Rules

Shake Loose The Border is a set of free wargames rules for skirmishes on the Anglo-Scottish border of the 16th century.

Fur Wars

Fur Wars is a set of free wargames rules for battles in colonial America. It’s based on Tod Kershner’s well-known Pig Wars rules.

Pulp Pirate Comics and Stories

Comic Book Plus has a collection of pulp pirate comics and stories.