Knights of the Dinner Table Heroscape Meat Grinder

Kenzer and Company have created a series of scenarios for Heroscape based on the Knights of the Dinner Table’s Meat Grinder. I will confess to not following all of the “in jokes” in these scenarios.

Battle of Oriskany Scenario

This one is for a friend of mine who has been talking for years about wanting to do a game of the Battle of Oriskany from the American Revolution. The Danish wargaming site Krigsspil has a scenario for the battle of Oriskany, which was a brutal one, involving indians and militia.

Cynoscephalae Scenario

The battle of Cynoscephalae in 197BC pitted Greek phalanxes against Roman legions. This scenario recreates that battle for the Vis Bellica rules set.

Wild West Scenario

I’ve always loved westerns, and one of my ongoing historical miniature projects has been The Wild West. Matthias at My Wargames Page has a free scenario for the Six Gun Sound wargames rules.

Battle of the Yellow Sea Scenario

My friend Jim loves to run dreadnaught era naval miniature wargames. Here’s a good scenario for the Battle of the Yellow Sea from Bill Madison of the Naval Wargames Society.