Heroquest Stats Sheet

Here’s a high resolution pdf file with the stats from all Heroquest figures through Wave 6. Printed out, it would make a handy reference sheet.

Solidscape 3D Heroscape Map Viewer

Solidscape is a bit of software that converts Heroscape maps created with Landscape into fabulous looking 3 dimensional view.

Battle For the Shrine Heroscape Scenario

Battle for the Shrine is a Heroscape scenario in which players must race for a position and hold it for three turns.

Heroscape Soulsteader Game Variant

Soulsteader is a Heroquest variant that

that can be played with any number of people. This game allows the process of building the landscape to be an intrinsic part of gameplay, and not merely a task performed prior to battle. It is intended as a better way to play HeroScape, one which makes every aspect of the product part of the gameplay itself.

The game centers around tile constructions called Wellsprings, control o

Knights of the Dinner Table Heroscape Meat Grinder

Kenzer and Company have created a series of scenarios for Heroscape based on the Knights of the Dinner Table’s Meat Grinder. I will confess to not following all of the “in jokes” in these scenarios.