Heroscape Football


Try your hand at some REAL fantasy football with these scenarios called Monday Night Glyphball.

Quests of Heroscape

Quests of Heroscape adds a new element to the basic Heroscape game. In it, a victory is achieved by completing a series of random quests. The rules include some professionally done quest cards.

Settlers of Heroscape

Settlers of Heroscape is a cross between Heroscape and the Settlers of Catan. If you’ve always wanted to play Catan in 3D, this is the game for you.

Heroscape Blank Card Maker

One of the joys of Heroscape is that you can use literally any 25mm / 28mm figures. You just have to make up cards for them. This has led to efforts by a large number of people to duplicate the look of Milton Bradley’s double hex unit cards. Here’s one such effort. Its a .tif file in layers that you import into your favorite graphics editor. Be warned, though. It’s a big file at 13.4 megs.

Heroscape One On One Matchup Calculator

This online calculator uses math to

calculate the exact win probabilities and average length of battle in number of attacks (which is the same as number of half turns in the absence of multiple attacks, frenzy, or squads). The average survivors is the average number of life or figures left assuming that the figure or squad wins.